Events That Take You Places

With deep roots in the incentive travel industry, R. Buchholz & Associates knows that every event can feel like a destination. Because we’ve been around the world, we know how to scout a location and create a program that will appear tailor made to the event, leaving all participants with the sense that the event was planned expressly for them.

Whether your event is one night or one week, across the ocean or around the corner, the culmination of a journey, or the beginning of one, we know how important it is to build upon success by recognizing success.

Small companies and Fortune 500s have relied on us for excellence in creating an innovative concept for them, with seamless execution in the follow-through.

There is a blend of art and science to events: The art, in the ideas and execution; the science, working a budget to ensure that every cent is being utilized to its utmost. We have built our business and our reputation through excellence in both.

Celebrate ~ Motivate ~ Introduce ~ Reward

Do you have a customer base you'd like to incent, a team or individual deserving special recognition or are you looking for high-energy product introduction?

Martini mixing in L.A., Bob-sledding in the sand, ‘Sugar-Shacking’ in the Laurentians, Balloon racing above the desert, week-long Culinaria ~ Pizzaiolo mastering in Italy; Sophisticated. Exotic. Rockin’. You name it, we’ve created it.

With years of experience in incentive travel, our world view enables us to see every event as more than an occasion. It is an opportunity to create an emotion that makes your event memorable, be it pride, a sense of belonging or the anticipation of something new.

You decide the scale. We’ll take care of the rest.

Service is all inclusive with R. Buchholz & Associates.

What’s on your next itinerary?