Small by Design

Over our 25 years in business, we have remained small by choice. It lets us maintain complete control of an event. It means we can run a tight ship. It allows us to be flexible, responsive, nimble.

Founded in 1986 by Rose Danielson, R. Buchholz & Associates dedicated itself to the art of distinctive travel programming. From these deep roots, we've encompassed this passion in the events arena as well.

Blazing Trails

How do we measure success? Innovation and imitation: Innovation and originality in ideas, and seeing this innovation imitated later on. We have created product launches so successful, people were lined up for blocks with the fire marshal having to limit attendance. We have created events so unique, we’ve been asked same-day to book the event for years following. We have created team building exercises that spark not just competition but creativity as well. We are always on the upswing of 'what's new'.

Attention to Every Detail

Making sure the details are thoughtful details is where we start. Is there an immediacy that needs to be communicated or is this a mark it on your calendar event? Do we really want to focus on the extravagance of the surroundings and decor or is the menu more important? Might we ask the chef to unveil a signature apéritif for your occasion? Should guests receive handwritten invitations? We tend to details from start to finish.

Hidden Advantage

Experience allows for sound strategy when it comes to your budget. Taking advantage of direct connections and not always needing a middleman can save significantly, while adding that much more to your program. Our depth of world knowledge enables such. We have perfected the art and science of a well-concepted, well-planned, well-spent event.