A Letter from Rose Danielson

Circa 1976 ~ Youthful and inquisitive, I yearned to see the world. From that simple pursuit, I learned there existed, albeit young, the incentive travel business. Without apprehension, joined the ranks of travel staff in this illustrious industry. Armed with a desire for world knowledge and a willingness to go, I quickly realized for every destination encountered, dozens more awaited.

A decade later and years of understudy with the finest (beginning with PIC and today known as The Carlson Companies), the time came to channel the abundant education and pass along the sights, sounds and joys of experiencing the world. In 1986, I created R. Buchholz & Associates, dedicated to the art of impeccable travel ~ event programming.

The Art of Reward

Whether it be domestic or half-way around the world, a one-day extravaganza or week-long journey, there is certain reward in experiencing time away from routine and lifestyles unlike our own. There is no question that this feeling cannot be channeled into your special event, as well.

This bounty is achieved only when a program operates as flawlessly as possible and delivers more than expected.

Success comes in the details. Truly, there is an art-skill in creating the right event, one that motivates, captivates, stretches, rejuvenates. We are experts in designing, creating and operating dreams and memories for a lifetime!

Rose Danielson


Rose Buchholz Danielson
Founder, R. Buchholz & Associates, Inc.