Our A La Carte Menu of Services

As this industry has grown, companies have decided to employ their own in-house departments. However, we understand that there may be times when you need help in a specific area; therefore, we offer our expertise and services menu style.
We can help with travel programming ~ event planning. We can provide destination comparative, day-by-day itinerary, program registration, behind-the-scenes venue and supplier management, on-site operation assistance, contract and financial oversight; or, design that one night bash.

Behind-the-Scenes Assistance

Let us help you with your project. We can create it, package it, price it, forward details and it’s yours to unveil and present — confidentially yours.

Site Selection

If you have not been around the world to know what works and what will or will not operate efficiently, we can offer guidance. With nearly four decades of travel throughout the world, we have witnessed and experienced the positives and negatives; we know what works and we are willing to put our years of knowledge to anyone’s test.

Program Content

Does your program need the right mix of business and pleasure to keep everyone engaged? Need an innovative spouse program or might you want help locating the right motivational speaker? Experience in programming and outsmarting the competition may be just the edge you need for a certain project. Let us present our roster of ideas for captivating your audience.


Would you like ideas to maintain interest without going over the top? Perhaps that’s just what is needed on a particular program yet you’ve not developed such in the past. We have created lean campaigns and worked on those flush with funds; neither is taken less seriously. Let us help you design a successful promotional campaign.

On-Site Operation

We provide professional on-site staff who can review your program specifications, then operate a flawless event, either alone or as back-up to your team. Let us fit the right staff to your program needs. We’re here to offer our guidance and expertise so you can deliver a most successful program. Service fees are based on depth and breadth of creating, programming, management and operational needs. Let’s talk about what you need.