Artisan Events

We canvass a world of ideas when it comes to planning events. We know how to roll out the red carpet and provide white glove treatment. We know that a ride in a limousine gives a much different feeling than a bus and can maneuver a way for it to cost less. We know that on a plane trip, spouses want to sit next to one another and consider such essential. While it may actually go unnoticed by participants, thinking simple and basic aspects through to this level of detail makes a program successful. We strive for people to be swept away by the course and emotion of the event, not worrying about the small details.

These programs require first, thinking outside the box, then, executing the detail ~ every detail. We plan and carry out programming to ensure that participants leave feeling wonder and wonderful.

Passport to Innovation

When it comes to innovation, we are proud of setting the pace. Many of our ideas are imitated later and, while we’re flattered, we're already focusing on our next idea.

A few of the 'brain-pops' we are most proud to have implemented:

~ At the time having never been done prior, convincing the owners of the Hard Rock Café Las Vegas to close for a private event – the ‘first’ of what turned out to be many; outrageously successful and as we all know, imitated time & time again to date.

~ Outrigger canoe racing alongside the Lanai, Hawaii rowing team – truly a ‘rush’ of an experience and a once in a lifetime

~ America’s Cup Champion, Peter Isler, hosting & presenting awards for a client’s San Diego Harbor Yacht Racing team-building – the ‘score’ – a mere fraction of typical cost, why? - a favor extended.

~ Downhill skiing on the big island of Hawaii – unique to most everyone and
certainly unforgettable.

~ Having the foresight, will and influence to contract a private event at LeCirque, NYC, while it was closed for renovations; the event occurred just days after their Grand Reopening and our client’s guests were dining alongside dignitaries while many of the NY social set couldn’t secure a table for weeks into months. Most impressive event for our client and their customers.

Smart Spending

We work your budget as smartly as you run your business. We have 25 years of experience to apply to the plan, meaning we know how to get the most out of every last cent. In our experience, we have found that you need not spend lavishly to stage a lavish event. It simply takes some thinking and planning on the front end and putting years of skill and connections to work.